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xtreme sports (and not in cold weather) 
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-  Turkish products 
The reason: The anti-israel Turkish government attitude  
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sex partner ... heheh
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I can not think of any person right now, though i definitely remember that sometimes i was so angry i regretted for that moment that the person existed. But now i do not even remember who was i so angry at (it was few times...as i remember , now i even do not remember where and why )
my memory is so bad.. it's the age thing probably :)
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I'm totally unromantic person. Do not know what is romantic, do not connect to these type of things...

Can i consider something romantic if i did it alone? or with friends? not with a boyfriend?
Like im & the nature ... or something in this direction?
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Sometimes im going into this cycle this is what do not like about myself: 

--> Low self-esteem --> People do not respect my opinion --> Frustration --> De-moralization(~Depression) -->

I like : 
my independence 
my adventurous character 
my look
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happens for me once in a while ... actually i had something like two periods in my life ... first time it was ~1month second time more like 2 weeks . Both time related to work situation :( 
do not know what exactly helped...  had to empty my brain from the worries ... no idea how did i do it. 


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