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как в израиле матрас стоит 360 шек а в америке 29 доларов??? 
למה? מה קרה לשער הדולר בלמטייל? 
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ProductBrandPictureWhere did i buyHow much did i payMy grade
Sleeping bag Golite  http://www.adventureshed.com/golite-venture-0-womens.html 300$
(on sale)

LED Light

Photon    REI


20$Very Good

MultiTowel Lite


 Hiking Boots Meindl
 Ligh Hiker
Boots, Gore-tex
 Dresden, Germany~150 EuroVery Bad **

 Merino Wool Comfort Hiker Socks

 Wigwam  REI
 Mattress Therm-a-Rest  REI



 35$ Very Good
 HeadLamp Black Diamond 4 leds  REI20 or 30$
(do not remember)
 Very Good
Backpack aircontact SL 60+10Deuterתופעת טבע, מודיעין1100EXCELENT

** My dissatisfaction from the Meindl light hiking shoes.
I wore them ~25 days a year (   25 days a year x 2.5 years ~= 63 days totally).
Since my residence country is Israel - due to hot climate i wear them in Israel only few days a year when i do difficult hikes in Israel in dry warm  weather (desert). 
Besides that i treat my shoes very well, kept them clean and dry.

Outside of Israel,I wore them only 4 times (see the list below).
The purpose of the shoes was addressed in these trips only:
1.             2 years ago :     Kilimanjaro hike                         - 6 days , dry hike in cold weather
2.             1 year ago  :      India , Gochala hike                   - 9 days, wet hike in cold weather
3.             1 year ago:        Korea, winter city walks             - 14days, dry cold city walk
4.             2 weeks ago:     Turkey, Kachkar mountains hike - 6 days, wet cold hike

On my last hike 2 weeks ago, the shoes could not supply their purpose on the first day of the hike.
On the north side of the Kachkar mountains the weather is foggy and the grass is wet. The shoes got wet after 1.5 hour of hiking on the wet grass. Moreover it was freezing at night, and the wet, full of water gore-tex shoes became ice, which weighted ~1.5 kg each.
In the morning to ease the walk with ice shoes (i did not have any other shoes for walk in the mountains), i put plastic bag on top of my socks. 


As you might imagine this was quite extreme walk.
The shoes that were supposed to be water proof, with gore-tex technology did not survive  the wet grass on their 3rd year of life.

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Все будет ПУХ
Women Golite Venture 0
Спецыальный, для баб :)
Типа 0F , что есть -18 C
И супер дупер лайт: 1.3 кг (для минус 18 !!)
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Вот тут с подружкой с US думаем че купить за спальник :

i have North FAKE from Nepal , it's goose down , it says -10C, but it's more like for +5 , it's pretty good for winter in IL, Jordan, also Turkey south trip, Nepal huts ...

But im also very cold sleeper :(
When i went to Kili and Himalaya where i slept in tent I took friends sleeping bag ... was too cold ...

Now im thinking getting new one.

There is Goose DOWN vs SYNTHETIC Dilema - http://www.sierratradingpost.com/lp2/down-v-synthetic-guide.html

In particular we were thinking about these :

1. www.rei.com/product/763700 -Kelty GOOSE DOWN
* REI price 250$
* 199 $ at www.campmor.com/outdoor/gear/Product___43122
* 1.47 kg
2. www.rei.com/product/779265 -Mountain Hardwear SYNTHETIC
* REI price 220$
* 167$ at http://www.backcountryedge.com/mountain_hardwear-ultralamina-0.aspx
* 1.5 kg
3. http://www.rei.com/product/763627 North Face SYNTHETIC
* 229$ at REI (could not find cheaper...)
* 1.39 kg


А ваще у меня приоритеты ...
Живу вот так а думаю о приобритении 3-его спальника :)

Пысы Раз:
Ну первые спальники столько не столили конечно..
первый спальник со школьных времен (еще цел) стоил наверно 60 шек.
Второй и неплохой North FAKE goose down - в Непале купила наверно шек за 300. и он того огого стоит.
Теперь хачу настоящий upgrade - чтоб дома было где спать :) гы гы гы

Пысы Два:
Правильные приоритеты!
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Готовясь к поездке на празники решила скопировать в ЖЖ :
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